Information Graphics

Exercise 1

NY Times: Bankers Call for Wider Measures to Stem Crisis

This article needs a very detailed but easy to read and follow along graphic. I would make an infographic that outlines the basic banking terms and the way the banking system works. As you scroll down the graphic you would get the details that this story covers. An introduction to the people and places involved in the story. The graphic would also include outlines of the different countries involved and a description of their involvement over the outline of the country. The graphic will have an organized and simple flow so the reader will be able to easily follow along and understand.

ABC News: Heart Device Might be Useless for Women

The top part of the graphic would have different boxes with stats about heart-health and heart attack statistics in them. The bottom half of the graphic would include a picture of the new device that is being created. There will be lines that point to different parts of the device leading to different word blurbs that describe the benefits of the device, and how it will be helpful to the people that will get the device.

Exercise 2 

Graphic Critique

Data Visualization:

This data visualization graphic talks about Malaria, what it is and how we can prevent it. It is a long and very detailed graphic that goes on for a few pages as you scroll down the web page. The graphic does a great job of explaining the subject matter, all of the descriptions of the various components of malaria are shown with words and pictures. The graphic is easy to understand and follow along. The graphic is very detailed and has great step by step aids and explanations. Some strengths of the graphic are the organization and flow of the graphic. It is easy to follow and understand. The graphic uses a basic color pallet throughout the whole thing keep everything neat and understandable.

Narrative Graphic:

This narrative graphic has a comic book style form. It’s a simple 3 column graphic about the adventures of Batman and Robin. The graphic is short, clear, and concise and easy to read. The graphics use vibrant colors to enhance the overall look of the graphic. It definitely has a blurred old comic book look and feels.

Instructive Graphic:

This graphic outlines and describes the nine types of intelligence. Each type of intelligence is described in its own section of the graph, also has its own color for each section. The graphic is fairly simplistic and self-explanatory. The font in the graphic could have been a bit bigger so that it would have been easier to read.

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